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Discover our SGBC certified green series !

Product & systems 16 June 2020

Be a frontrunner

Being a global leader in the construction industry, SOPREMA has a compelling role to play in the ongoing move to more sustainable buildings. As a group, SOPREMA is championing numbers of initiatives to bring in innovative and green solutions:

  • SOPRALOOP : cutting-edge technology to recycle packaging waste into thermal insulation panels
  • POWER PULSE TECHNOLOGY : developed with X-Crusher, this innovative process helps reprocess non-recyclable materials
  • MAMMOUTH NEO : the world first bio-based TPU waterproofing membrane

Click on the picture and read our CEO interview in SG Green to learn more on SOPREMA commitment (pp54-59) ?

What is SGBC ?

Singapore Green Building Council is a non-profit organization fostering public-private partnerships to advance green building technologies and practices in the building industry. Through its green building product and green building services labelling programmes, SGBC sets high standards and benchmarks for green building solutions both locally and regionally to help build more sustainable cities for better living.

SOPREMA identifies to SGBC’s ambition. Faithful to its global commitment, SOPREMA has achieved the highest level of SGBC certification for several product ranges.

In 2019, SOPREMA obtained two SGBC awards in recognition of its action toward sustainable building. 


Learn more on our SGBC certified series below ?


COLPHENE SELF-ADHESIVE series encompasses SOPREMA waterproofing underlayers.

Flameless installation for roofers and users’ safety

 Easy and quick to install: prime, unroll and stick

 Vapor-tight: protect insulation and maintain the roof’s thermal performance

Cost effective: no maintenance required

COLPHENE SELF-ADHESIVE membranes are particularly recommended for large infrastructure projects.

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COLPHENE BSW is SOPREMA’s pre-applied  waterproofing system for foundation.

 Strong adhesion to poured concrete

 High resistance to hydrostatic pressure

 Superior resistance to tears and punctures

COLPHENE BSW system is ideal for blind-side waterproofing applications for deep excavations.

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FLAGON PVC & FLAGON TPO are the two synthetic waterproofing lines of SOPREMA.

Flameless installation for roofers and users’ safety

 Reflective membrane to cool down your building and save on air condition usage

 Root-resistant to bring greenery to your roof


FLAGON PVC and FLAGON TPO are versatile, adapted to exposed roofs, green roofs, tanking and civil engineering applications.

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SOPRAROCK M is SOPREMA’s mineral wool series.

 Fire-resistant to comply with the most stringent safety requirements

 Durable performance

Double-effect to indoor comfort: thermal insulation and acoustic absorption

SOPRAROCK M can be combined in systems with COLPHENE SELF-ADHESIVE, FLAGON TPO or FLAGON PVC to multiply benefits to buildings.

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